samedi, mai 25 2019

Thank you ! <3

Thank you for all your comments ! We read most of them on Thursday night and the children loved them ! It is also good for us, teachers, to know we have your support !


All good things... come to an end ! ;)

The trip is sadly now over BUT more pictures are coming during the week end on every page, even the old ones ! ;) This year, the children were great ! They listened to us, respected us and were extremely generous : they made us excellent dinners, gave us some little presents, showed us love, made us laugh... We were as happy as them during this school trip ! I hope these pictures reflect these good times we shared together !

May VertMer live for many more years !


jeudi, mai 23 2019

Busy busy...

The students are all very busy (and so am I !!!). As a consequence, they have not given me all their comments yet. But don't worry ! This evening, I will try to gather them and write more about the different activities done today.

Mrs C.


New Pictures Online

New pictures have been published about DAY 1, 2 and 3 ! DAY 4 will be online tonight ! I hope you like the blog. Thank you for your comments ! They will be read tonight in front of everybody ! Mrs C.


mardi, mai 21 2019

Everything is ok !

Day 1 went very well ! Everything is ok and we are quite happy to be here ! More pictures and comments on the page called "DAY 1 - Saint Valery".


vendredi, mai 17 2019

Collecting Driftwood

Collecting driftwood is one of the activities you will do while walking around the Bay of Authie. Please don't forget to bring a bag !


Ramassage de bois flotté.pdf

Photography Project

Don't forget your camera to take beautiful pictures of the landscapes you will see !


Here is a reminder of what you have to do :


mardi, avril 30 2019

Are you ready to go?

20 days left before we go to Saint Valery! Get ready !