New reference books at the school library : worth reading !

Christmas specials :

  • A reference book about Rockn' Roll with the Beatles on the cover : Dictionnaire du Rock by French specialists :Michka Assayas, Yves Bigot and many others.dico_du_rock.jpg

  • A reference book for people who like travelling : Majestueuse Afrique du Sud.


I have borrowed it and the pictures make you dream ! There are others about Italy, China, Vietnam and Morocco as well.

  • A translation of a book published in the USA : Visions of Heaven : the Dome in European Architecture (in French, Visions Célestes: les plus belles coupoles d'Europe) which includes photos of English church domes.

Go and get them before the teachers do !

All photos come from or


1. On Tuesday, February 17 2009, 08:39 by MatildeB.

I love TheBeatles. I think it's the best groupe of their epoque. Something is a very beautiful song, and I love Revolution too.

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